Jumpto, A Paradigm Shift In Enterprise Data Security

Enterprise has been hit by data losses and breaches that over the last few years has cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunities and revenue.

Jumpto Technology

Global Security Concerns

Inherent within Enterprise network infrastructure, “security” is the Achilles Heel of cloud adoption

“Over 1.6 Billion e-Mails, Passwords, Credit Card Numbers and IDs were stolen in 2014.”

IT Experts

“Almost 70% of security executives have cloud and mobile concerns.”

IT Experts

“Average employee uses 28 separate cloud services in the enterprise.”

IT Experts

“Less than 10% of cloud services encrypt data-at-rest.”

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Three Enterprise Challenges

Major enterprise challenges include cloud adoption, enhanced privacy & security, and multi-device management

Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Enterprises face many additional security risks when deploying or utilizing cloud infrastructure.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

Compliance requirements for enterprises are always changing, which is very time consuming.

Multi-Device Management

Enterprises have many difficulties and additional costs in managing multiple employee devices.

Jumpto Enterprise Security Solution

“One View” of all enterprise files, applications and user settings from all your employees’ devices

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Protect Data End-to-End

Jumpto offers a secure Cloud OS that protects the data end to end between the Jumpto cloud and all other networks and devices.

Secure 3rd Party Clouds

Jumpto offers cloud security services as a broker for all internal and external 3rd party enterprise applications.

Secure Access for Guests

Jumpto offers cloud security for specific enterprise applications and data that can be accessed by remote guest users.

Secure non-Trusted Apps and Sites

Jumpto offers cloud security services for non-trusted applications, sites and networks.

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