Jumpto, A Paradigm Shift In Enterprise Data Security

Enterprise has been hit by data losses and breaches that over the last few years has cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunities and revenue.

Enterprise Faces Three Technology Challenges

Over the last few years the boardrooms of the planet have been full of lofty debates on the merits, costs and pitfalls of three trends which have spilled over into other sectors as well. These trends have caused a great deal of confusion but also great opportunities within business, public and consumer segments. The challenges that these trends bring to the boardroom are caused by the friction between management and technical staff. The light at the end of the tunnel is a new technology that has been created by Jumpto that will end the confusion, the debate and create a security layer to the Internet without compare.

Challenge 1: The Cloud

If I ever met the marketing wiz who first came up with the term “cloud” as it pertains to the Internet I do not know if I would congratulate or admonish him. The term has made the complex easy to understand and misunderstand as well. As any IT person will tell you a “cloud” is nothing but a server dedicated to a function for your Enterprise needs. This server may be on premises or off. It could be owned by you, leased or rented. It could be in a building you own or not. Basically though, it is still just a server or a group of connected servers. This distinction is often lost on those not technically inclined. So when we took a look at this confusion we thought there must be a better way.

Challenge 2: Internet Security

This must be the oxymoron of the age. The Internet was never designed with a security layer. When first conceived the security was the barrier to entry. Computers cost millions of dollars and occupied large (entire floors) spaces. Today there are more powerful computers in the palms of our hands and everybody has one. Is it any wonder that employees coming in to work with better technology than the Enterprise is willing to deploy pose the number one security risk to Enterprise data?

Challenge 3: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

When you are faced with buying only one device or a cell phone and a laptop for yourself you can afford to get the latest and greatest hardware money can buy. When you need to buy thousands of them, not so much. So it is to be expected that some employees will have access to better hardware than you are willing to provide them. Unfortunately there will be applications on those devices, which are huge security issues, dangling on your network. What are you to do? Bar them from your premises? Not good for morale. Let them have complete access? Not good for security. The middle ground is embracing their technology choices and provide a program that will allow access and cooperation of a variety of different devices without compromising the integrity of your data.

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