Internet’s Achilles Heel: SECURITY

We found some data from last year that will scare the wits out of you. Hang on to your chairs because this is not going to be pretty.

Internet Security – Statistics

Last year 1 in 7 people online had their data compromised. Think about this number for a minute. When you consider that there were over 3 billion people connected to the Internet last year the number represents a sampling of people greater than the population of the United States. These people contributed 1.6 BILLION emails, credit card numbers and passwords to their attackers.

Further, 80% of people have concerns about banking online and 70% of security executives have issues with cloud services and mobile use within the Enterprise. Is it any wonder that the market for Internet Security products is exploding on both the consumer and business levels? This need to build a strong security layer where none existed in the first place is what led us to build our encryption technology.

Enterprise Security – A Current Snapshot

If you examine the sheer number of corporate data breaches, their severity and their frequency, you will get the distinct feeling that Enterprise was not ready for the onslaught on a global scale. Enterprises do not have sufficient security on their own networks when they connect them to third party networks. This makes the transmission of malicious code very simple. This lackadaisical attitude towards security, relying on the third party networks to secure your network is pure folly. If everyone is pointing the finger at the other guy how easy is it for hackers to get in and steal your data?

Add to these weaknesses in the legitimate use of Enterprise computers the fact that employees will use those same computers to access sites that are not related to their work that could place malicious code on company machines. This further increases opportunities for hackers to get in.

The final kick at the can is that our employees cannot resist bringing their gadgets to work and hooking them up to the company network. This not only provides more points of access to hackers but it also gives them a big bright flag to follow into what you believe to be a secure network.

We want to work with you and your employees to turn all these liabilities into enhanced security for your network.

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