Proprietary Encryption Technology

Jumpto achieves end to end security by encrypting and authenticating the end points and their access to all enterprise resources.

One Technology, Two Encryption Patents

Jumpto patent-pending technology utilizes two main methods of unique protection: encryption of “data in transit” and encryption of “data at rest”.

Protect Data in Transit

“All Internet communication is encrypted and randomized”
“Only the sender and the receiver can decipher the transmitted data”
“Only preauthorized devices can decipher the transmitted data”

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Protect Data at Rest

“All data on the Jumpto system is uniquely encrypted for each client”
“Encryption key ownership is maintained by the enterprise”
“Only the preauthorized devices can access business files and applications”

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We Offer Unique Device-Specific Encryption and Protection

Encryption Key Ownership is Controlled by the Enterprise

Device Specific Encryption

All Jumpto data on the Cloud OS system is uniquely encrypted for each client


Device-Specific Encryption

Only the sender and the intended receiver can decrypt the content to its original form; encryption is bound to the device.


Dynamic Data Packets

Unique method & encryption must be individually broken for each packet to decipher content.

Encrypted OS & File System

Enterprise user data in the Jumpto cloud and in users’ devices is protected by an encrypted isolated container.

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